Kidnap failed

KUWAIT: A citizen failed in his attempt to kidnap a girl he befriended through an online app. The man asked her to meet in the parking lot of a restaurant on Gulf Road. The girl told Salmiya police she received a call from the man, who asked her to go the restaurant. When she went there, she found him waiting for her. He told her to get in his car, but when she refused, he grabbed her in an attempt to force her into the car. When she screamed, he escaped.

Immoral acts
A female citizen filed charges against a man for inciting immoral acts and chasing her all the way to her workplace. He escaped after she screamed for help. The citizen told Nugra police she was at a juice store when a man driving an SUV harassed her, but she ignored him. When she drove away, the suspect chased her to her workplace and attempted to speak to her.

A citizen told Jleeb police he put his car worth KD 15,000 up for sale on social media. A man, also a Kuwaiti, agreed to buy the car for KD 12,000, and gave him KD 100 as deposit until he transferred the title. He said that he transferred the title to the suspect, who asked him to wait inside the office to bring the money, but did not show up and did not answer his calls. – Translated from the Arabic press

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