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KIB concludes breast cancer awareness campaign

Nawaf Najia

KUWAIT: As part of its overall strategy of putting its people at the forefront of its priorities, offering every segment every kind of support it may need, Kuwait International Bank (KIB) recently concluded its annual breast cancer awareness campaign, marking International Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The campaign, which was organized and held internally for all of the bank’s female employees, aimed to introduce them to the risk factors associated with breast cancer, the means of prevention, and how to provide support for those undergoing treatment.

Under the slogan #APictureCanChangeYourLife, the integrated campaign featured several awareness activities including lectures, video presentations and panel discussions, conducted by prominent medical experts from the local health sector. Key topics of discussion included various aspects related to the disease, including risk factors and repercussions, as well as caring for and supporting breast cancer patients throughout their journey to recovery. Moreover, the campaign included free testing for the bank’s female employees, emphasizing the importance of early detection through periodic self-examinations and annual mammograms.

Commenting on this campaign, Executive Manager of the Corporate Communications Unit at KIB, Nawaf Najia, said: “We at KIB are well aware of the health risks that can be quite threatening to women at this time, including the physical stress and psychological burdens surrounding them, in addition to the pollutants and unhealthy substances that they are exposed to on a daily basis.

Such causes can contribute to increasing the risk for various diseases, including breast cancer. Accordingly, we have dedicated a major share of our social responsibility program to developing initiatives that largely focus on supporting women in maintaining their physical and mental health, stemming from our strong belief in their fundamental role and core value in society.”

Concluding his statement, Najia affirmed KIB’s ongoing commitment to supporting every single employee in its organization – be they male or female and from the most junior to the most senior. Accordingly, the bank constantly strives to foster its employee’s personal, professional, mental, and physical wellbeing. As a ‘Bank for Life’, KIB strongly believes that its employees should be a primary focus, given that they are the foundation on which this entire organization was built, and the main contributor to every successful achievement the bank has ever accomplished.


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