By Abdellatif Sharaa

KUWAIT: Coinciding with World Heart Day, Kuwait Heart Society (KHS) will celebrate this important event on Sept 29, extending the festivities for one week at Souq Al-Kuwait Market in collaboration with the Sabah Al-Ahmad Heart Center. The celebrations are scheduled to commence on Sept 28 and conclude on Oct 4.

Secretary-General of KHS Dr Rashid Al-Owayesh said during this period, the society will offer a range of medical tests, including assessments of blood glucose levels, cholesterol, blood pressure, weight and height to determine the body mass index. He emphasized that the activities are geared towards raising awareness about heart and blood vessel diseases, highlighting that prioritizing heart health enables individuals to mitigate numerous risks associated with heart-related conditions.

Dr Owayesh also underscored the significance of maintaining heart health, recommending regular physical activity, abstaining from smoking and adopting a healthy diet as essential steps in this regard. He further noted that this year’s World Heart Day theme is “Use Heart, Know Heart”, a choice made by the World Heart Federation.

Dr Owayesh expressed the society’s pride in its social role in raising awareness about heart diseases and their associated dangers, emphasizing the importance of steering clear of these risks.

He pointed out that over the past 40 years, the society has achieved significant milestones in spreading awareness of the risk factors contributing to heart diseases. Dr Owayesh concluded by affirming that the society carries out these initiatives as part of its social responsibility and encouraged both citizens and residents to take advantage of the services.