KUWAIT: Investigations revealed that an Indian man who recently was found dead in Khaitan had committed suicide. The coroner's report agreed with that of the detectives, which said the suspect stabbed himself in the neck, then left his room and collapsed and died in the house's yard. The case was initially suspected as murder.

Public funds' theft
Criminal detectives arrested an Egyptian man on accusations of stealing public funds by making two workers at a gas station use two petrol cards belonging to the interior ministry in exchange for a percentage of money. Detectives found the suspect works for the interior ministry, so they went to the gas station and arrested the two Asians with the two cards on them. Both told police they got the cards from the main suspect, who confessed to the charges, adding that he gets KD 180 from each card per month.

115 bogus companies
The Public Funds Protection Committee kept its report to the National Assembly about investigations in the issue of agricultural holdings secret. Informed sources said the investigation targeted 115 bogus companies established with forged documents to gain land holdings from the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR), but the committee could not get enough information about those companies. The sources said the committee found that decisions of the farmlands committee issued in 2014 are not correct with regards to five farms owned by one person who is suspected to establish 115 companies, 60 of which were sold, while 55 remain under his name. The committee was able to account for 16 companies that had suspicions about establishment, licenses and getting lands with other partners in the ministry of commerce or PAAAFR. Sources said that one of the companies got land only five days after receiving the license, while other companies got land even before their establishment.

Physical assault
An Iranian national accused a state security officer of storming into his grocery store and beating him. The victim went to the police station and complained about a person beating him in the store. The prosecutor ordered the suspect's arrest.

Sabah Al-Salem fight
Differences between relatives caused a fight in which two youth were beaten and run over. The fight was in Sabah Al-Salem. Police and paramedics responded to calls, but those involved disappeared before the arrival of police, except for the two injured persons, who were taken to hospital. The case was taken over by concerned authorities.

Car arson
A Kuwaiti woman asked police to help her identity a person who set her car a blaze in front of her house. Interior ministry operations received a call from the woman, who told them her car was engulfed in fire. Police and firemen responded and put out the blaze. Security cameras around the house showed the incident was an act of arson by a masked man.

Liquor smuggling foiled
Shuwaikh Port customs officers foiled an attempt to smuggle 6,000 liters of liquor brought in from a Gulf country inside medical drums claiming it was ethanol. Inspectors had suspicions about a container that arrived from a Gulf country loaded with medical drums marked as ethanol, but when checked, the alcohol's color was found to be brownish, although ethanol is colorless. Deputy director general for border affairs Sheikh Faisal Al-Sabah ordered the examination of a sample, and the report proved the contents of the 224 drums was liquor.

Murder threat
Hawally police arrested a Kuwaiti and an Omani man after they stormed into a Hawally café claiming to be detectives and threatened to kill one of the patrons. Both were arrested and sent to concerned authorities.

Drug possession
A team from the drugs inspection department of the interior ministry busted an Egyptian man who bought large amounts of drugs from companies and kept them at his home. The suspect was referred to the public prosecution to face legal action. - Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Rai and Al-Qabas