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KFSD inspect North Zour Power Plant

KUWAIT: Deputy Director General of Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (KFSD) Maj Gen Khalid Fahd and a team from the prevention sector visited the North Zour Power Station Company in Zour to check prevention regulations and firefighting systems.

Farwaniya Public Cleanliness and Road Occupancy Department at Kuwait Municipality continued its field campaigns in all areas of the governorate, as a campaign was launched in Jleeb Al-Shuyiukh resulting in issuing five roaming vendor citations, and seizing 36 cubic meters of vegetables, used clothes and scrap. Meanwhile ‘shift B’ also carried out a campaign resulting in issuing 15 roaming vendor citations along with 76 cubic meters of scrap, used clothes and vegetables.

Policemen busted a restaurant and a café that was facilitating prostitution for its patrons in cabins, while other customers are sitting around on tables unaware of what was going on. Officers arrested nine expats of both genders after it was proven they were engaged in prostitution. Police found sexual aides and undergarments hidden in certain areas. The arrestees were taken to the residency affairs detectives department for interrogation and legal action for their deportation.

Hawally police arrested a citizen wanted by Interpol in Salmiya. Police spotted a speeding car, then when the driver was asked to pull over, he did not, so he was chased and caught. Police found he is a 55-year-old citizen wanted on a KD 500,000 financial case by Interpol. He was sent to concerned authorities. Separately, a non-commissioned officer arrested a citizen sentenced to 15 years in jail who escaped while the sentence was being announced at the end of September, as he was convicted along with a high-ranking officer of blackmail and framing. The officer was sentenced to five years and sent to the central prison, but the citizen, who was sentenced to 15 years, was able to escape from the Palace of Justice and was placed on the wanted list. A security source said the suspect went to court for a transaction, but the non-commissioned officer there recognized him and caught him. He was sent to the criminal implementation department to serve his sentence. In other news, Najda police arrested a bedoon, two Iraqi men and an Arab girl in an SUV late at night. The four were sent to vice detectives over suspicions of immoral acts. One of the Iraqis was found to be an ex-convict.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun and agencies


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