KFIC participates in international derivatives investment summit

Hamed Abu-Saadeh – Manager and Acting Head of the Online Trading E-Brokerage (Mutadawil)

KUWAIT: Kuwait Finance and Investment Company (KFIC) in the International Derivatives Investment Summit of 2016 which was held in the Chinese city of Shanghai under the theme “Regulation, Innovation, Opportunity under New era.”
In this regard, Hamed Abu-Saadeh – Manager & Acting Head of the Online Trading E-Brokerage (Mutadawil) expressed his delight to be part of the summit which was attended by more than 200 professionals in the Banking, Institutional and governmental sectors from 13 different countries. Abu-Saadeh participated as a panelist in a discussion panel entitled “Matters of International Derivative Trading and Risk Management.” He added: “The summit was beneficial in learning about the safe and professional means of utilizing derivatives on the local and international levels through the experiences of professionals from all over the world.”

Abu-Saadeh further added that the summit’s key focus was on the trend of International derivatives market environment forecasting and harmonizing regulations, Initiation and implementation of new derivatives products and its risk management, Algorithmic and high frequency trading deep discussion of trends and focus on options, futures and interest rate derivatives, the influence of New technology on latest derivatives innovation investment as well as means to Improve the Margin Trading.

He concluded that the summit provided him with an excellent opportunity to build professional relationships and networking with a diverse base of experienced cadres in the banking and investment sectors. “We met a lot of professionals who worked in different areas which enriched the experience. Throughout the conference, we exchanged our experienced and challenges that we face in the port-recession era.” Finally, he expressed his optimism that “KFIC” will be a pioneer in utilizing derivatives in a safe and responsible manner that puts the best interest of Kuwait and its clients at heart.

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