Al-Deehani receiving sponsorship from Yousef Al-Ruwaieh

Kuwait Finance House (KFH) renewed sponsorship of the Kuwaiti Shooter Fehaid Al-Deehani to participate in the international competitions. KFH has an extended partnership with Al- Deehani KFH sponsorship comes as part of its long standing endeavors to support and patronize the Kuwaiti champions who raise the name of Kuwait at the international forums and global events. It also reassures the bank’s ongoing commitment towards assuming social responsibility. KFH has been always committed to its society as it attaches great importance to the achievements of national talent. It sponsors their participations and motivates them for further success and winning more trophies while achieving outstanding global titles that raise the Kuwaiti flag high in regional and international competitions. It is worth noting that KFH had offered a 2 KG Gold award to the Gold Medalist Fehaid Al-Deehani in recognition of his triumph in capturing the gold Olympic medal in the Rio 2016 Olympics