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KFH honors staff’s outstanding children with gold biscuits

Zeyad Al-Omar

KUWAIT: Group Chief Human Resources Officer at Kuwait Finance House (KFH) Zeyad Abdullah Al-Omar said that KFH has honored more than 50 children of KFH employees who have achieved an average of 90 percent or above in high school, as part of the bank’s comprehensive interest in its staff.

As the employee is seen as an integrated entity that affects and is being affected by family and community surroundings, the family and children play an important and pivotal role in pushing the employee towards more diligence, perseverance and giving, considering that KFH employees distinguished success, career stability, and academic and practical development, are some of the most important reasons for the success and excellence of their celebrated children. Hopefully, they will continue their success and excellence during their educational stages following high school, whether in university or postgraduate studies.

In a gesture that expresses the interest and appreciation of the Group’s Human Resources to honor the top and outstanding high school students (in the science and literary section) of the employees’ children, KFH rewarded them with valuable gifts consisting of gold biscuits, in addition to purchase vouchers. Omar also congratulated the honorees on the excellence they achieved, and their continuous efforts over the past years, which resulted in serious and ambitious academic life.

Omar stressed the importance of education as a mainstay for the development of the human element, which is the main factor in moving the wheel of the economy, pointing out that KFH places support for education, training and developing competencies by various means at the top of its priorities. This confirms KFH’s belief in the importance of science and knowledge in building a brighter future with the help of the people of Kuwait.

Along with the great successes it achieved in the economic field at the local, regional and global levels, KFH pays most attention to developing capabilities of its staff as they are the most important profitable asset and feasibility in terms of investment standards. In addition, KFH considers supporting the education sector as a basic pillar in its social responsibility program and a real addition to the present and future of Kuwait.


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