KFH's "Forsa Program" trainees in Silicon Valley.

KUWAIT: As part of its "Forsa Program", Kuwait Finance House (KFH) delegated a group of its outstanding Kuwaiti employees to Silicon Valley in the USA to enhance their innovative digital mindset and creativity in digitization, IT, FinTech, AI, blockchain and cybersecurity.

Forsa Program with its rich content comes in line with KFH directions and its strategic plans to reinforce its leadership in digitization, which has become essential in its various activities and business, and to embrace national talents, upgrade their professional level and refine their skills according to international standards.

Forsa Program includes advanced training programs, workshops and field visits to the largest and most prominent global technology firms such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, Ripple, among others. The employees also visited laboratories of digital transformation in prominent American universities such as the University of Berkeley in California, as well as the Innovation Center in Silicon Valley, BNP Paribas and other international institutions and prestigious FinTech companies.

In addition to extensive field visits to Microsoft- Turkey, the employees also visited the digital pioneer KFH-Turkey, which contains research and innovation centers as well as teams of hundreds of engineers, where Forsa trainees learn about artificial intelligence products, process automation, the smart branch, financing E-commerce, customer loyalty analysis, data science, and digital applications which are among many programs designed to promote digital innovation in financial technology in trainees.

The trainees praised the importance of the program and its added value, which will be reflected in their performance at KFH by implementing ideas that will contribute to developing and facilitating operations and designing digital services and products to keep pace with the millennial generation requirements and confirm KFH's excellence and leadership in digitalization, online services and financial technology.

They pointed out that the most important characteristic of the program is the practical technical projects that have been implemented away from the traditional academic lecture as well as the methods of digital transformation of global institutions and the motivating creative work environment culture. They also learned how to avoid the traditional mentality of thinking, the flexible and agile performance within a culture of change and continuous innovation, while accelerating and simplifying all operations and making them available online.

Moreover, Forsa program includes outstanding young Kuwaiti graduates from the technology departments of local and international universities. It also features training programs on the latest and best information technology and its applications in the banking field.

The program develops the trainees' capabilities in the interests of KFH and its customers, enabling them to keep pace with the international levels in expertise, skills, and knowledge of the development of banking operations and the business in its broad sense. This enriches the employees' experience and professional development and enhances the leadership spirit of the young Kuwaiti.