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KFAS, Harvard lecturers hold medical workshop

KUWAIT: The Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science (KFAS) has organized an intensive training workshop for workers in the Kuwaiti medical sector in cooperation with lecturers from Harvard University. The workshop was expected to prepare the participants for specialized medical research and enlighten them about the best ways to write medical researches as well as using quantitative statistics and analyzing their results.

The workshop was held from January 8 to 19 and was held at the KFAS headquarters. Harvard lecturers conducted the training program with the participation of Kuwaiti doctors and Kuwaiti dental doctors.

A number of distinguished researchers from other entities also participated in the workshop. Among them were researcher at the Dasman Diabetes Institute and the lecturer at Harvard university, Dr Hind Al-Qadri, the lecturer at Harvard university, Dr Khaled Al-Tabtabaei, and Dr Muhammad Al-Barjas from the Health Ministry.

Vice director for strategic programs at the KFAS, Dr Khawla Al-Shaiji said: “This scientific event organized by the KFAS seeks to focus on raising the capabilities of researchers and introducing Kuwaiti doctors to the basics of scientific research in all medical fields. Moreover, it also focuses on how to conduct research on topics that are commensurate with their specialties and touch on certain medical aspects, the results of which contribute to the development of the medical aspects.”

“This training workshop enables them to develop realistic solutions to the problem that is raised through research, and to bridge a knowledge gap in various medical fields, in addition to enhancing their capabilities in the field of publishing research in international peer-reviewed journals,” she added.

“Participating physicians were trained in this workshop to use advanced medical statistical software, through which they will be able to conduct medical digital statistics and evaluations with high efficiency. At the end of the workshop, the research presented was evaluated by a jury consisting of researchers from Kuwait University,” she clarified.

This workshop was held within the framework of the KFAS’s keenness to develop the capabilities and competencies of researchers, and to benefit from the expertise of leading international institutions, as well as its awareness of the importance of scientific research in all fields and disciplines. This will also help build a solid base for the system of science, technology, innovation, culture and scientific knowledge in society.

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