KUWAIT: A recent State Audit Bureau report on the Public Authority for Food and Nutrition showed KD 7,535 had been unlawfully spent on overtime work for some employees. The report also showed that employees working overtime hours had not been using the fingerprint system as instructed by CSC, and instead manual check in and out lists had been used with inaccurate or altered information on them.

Energy management system
Well informed sources said Kuwait Petroleum Corporation's (KPC) finance and planning sector is about to complete the first phase of a contract with Ernst & Young to build an energy management system by September. The sources added that a study on the best risk finance for the corporation and its subsidiary companies and the results of a study on alternatives in lean gas pricing after Feb 21, 2022 have been approved.

Barayeh Salem
Informed sources at Kuwait Municipality said rent of a kiosk at the Barayeh Salem project for entrepreneurs will not exceed KD 800 a month. The sources added that in order to protect the principle of competitiveness, the contract's value will not be affected by the type of activity. The sources said new activities had been added to the project such as game arcades, recreation, sports equipment, roastaries, dry desserts, sun and prescription glasses, electronics, food products, herbs and stationery.

By A Saleh