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KD 300 for visa transfer from govt to private

KUWAIT: Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Hind Al-Sabeeh recently issued two ministerial decisions pertaining to the transfer of work permits of laborers who wish to transfer their visas from the government sector to the private sector projects to work for the private sector as well as transfers within the private sector itself.

In this regard, Manpower authority director Ahmed Al-Moussa explained that the first decision allows an employer to transfer work permits of a laborer who works for him under a government contract to private sector if he has completed the project in return for a KD 300 fee per laborer.

Al-Moussa added that once transferred to the private sector, laborers would not be transferred back to government contracts unless decided otherwise by a supreme disputes committee and after paying a KD 300 fee per laborer. Al-Moussa said that the second decision allows an employee to transfer a laborer’s work permit to work for him with exemption from the service duration condition and in return for a KD 300 fee per laborer, provided the original owner approves the transfer. — Al-Anbaa

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