KD 1,400 withdrawn through stolen ATM card

KUWAIT: A citizen in Bayan told police that an unknown person stole his ATM card and withdrew KD 1,400 from his bank account in three separate transactions. He said that he wrote the pin code at the bottom of the card, allowing the thief to have access to his account. Police are investigating.

A 22-year-old citizen was stabbed in the shoulder, and police arrested the attacked. A case was filed to investigate the circumstances behind the incident.

Wafra campaigns
Ahmadi’s traffic department officers carried out a crackdown in Wafra in coordination with Kuwait Municipality against violating groceries in the area. Another crackdown was carried out against trucks on Wafra road near Sabah Al-Ahmad area, during which 280 traffic citations were issued for driving in the wrong way and recklessness.

Residency duration
The Interior Ministry’s Relations and Security Information Department reminded that the date to implement the new law of linking the residency duration of expatriates with the validity of their passports starts at the beginning of 2016. The department said this action comes as part of efforts to regulate work, adding that it is in the interest of citizens and expats. The department also stated that the period given before its implementation is enough for any person to find out the expiry date of his passport before going to the residency affairs department for the new residency permit.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun

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