KCCI, Pakistan’s Sialkot Chamber sign MoU

KUWAIT: Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) Fahad Yaqoub Al-Jouan on Wednesday received a Pakistani economic delegation headed by Wahob Jehangir, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The delegation consisted of representatives from Pakistani companies operating in various fields including surgical medical equipment, leather industries, sports products, gloves and rice. Pakistani Ambassador to Kuwait Malik Muhammad Farooq and representatives of Kuwaiti companies that are members of the KCCI also attended the meeting.

During the meeting, the KCCI and the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) aimed at strengthening bilateral cooperation between the countries and supporting joint economic activities.

Al-Jouan welcomed the Pakistani delegation, praising the good relations between Kuwait and Pakistan, stressing the direct positive impact of such visits which are considered one of the tools of joint cooperation between the two sides to strengthen the volume of trade between the two friendly countries.

KUWAIT: Fahad Yaqoub Al-Jouan, Ambassador Malik Muhammad Farooq and Wahob Jehangir during the inauguration of the exhibition at Exhibition Hall of the KCCI building on Wednesday.

Jehangir, the head of the Pakistani delegation, expressed happiness at visiting the Chamber, explaining that this initiative comes within the framework of the Pakistan’s interest in strengthening the existing trade cooperation between the two countries and their keenness to open new horizons for joint cooperation. He called on Kuwaiti companies to visit Pakistan to explore investment opportunities in the country and enter into partnerships with their Pakistani business counterparts.

The Pakistani ambassador expressed his happiness with the existing cooperation between the KCCI and the embassy, pointing out the great interest Pakistani side attaches to joint investment with Kuwait in various fields. He explained that the main objective of this visit is to provide an opportunity for business owners from both sides to present opportunities, available investment, as well as establishing bilateral relations that would bolster trade exchanges between the two friendly countries.

Al-Jouan checks out a product on display at the exhibition.

The members of the Pakistani delegation made a presentation about the companies they represent and demonstrated their services and products which attracted the interest of their counterparts in Kuwait.  At the end of the meeting, Al-Jouan thanked the Pakistani delegation for the visit and the attendees for their participation in such economic events.

An exhibition of Pakistani products was opened in the Exhibition Hall of the Chamber’s building which will be on display on Wednesday and Thursday. The exhibition showcases high-quality Pakistani products, including medical equipment for dentistry and surgery, leather industries such as shoes, bags and wallets, as well as hunting and equestrian equipment, sports tools, clothes, balls, tennis rackets, etc. Gloves and shoes that are used in factories and various construction works were also on display. The exhibition also showcases food products, rice of different varieties and apiary equipment.

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