KUWAIT: Kuwait Association for Needy Families (KANF) and the Kuwait Lawyers society (KLS) have signed a Memo of Understanding (MoU), to launch the Bab Rizk project, to support and train stateless children to work in legal professions and other specializations. KANF member, Ahmad Al-Kandari and KLS member Abdulrazaq Al-Enezi signed the MoU to provide social and financial support for stateless children. "I am happy to sign this memo with the KLS which is based on our shared culture, to support stateless children and our shared goals," said Al-Kandari.

"The society is responsible through its strategy to provide support for needy families in Kuwait and within its framework is stateless families who live among us and their need for quality living," he added.

"The memo signed with KLS will provide economic and legal services to the society and support educated stateless people who are unemployed, aiming to provide and develop stateless people in order to become people who can provide for their families."

"The project is one of the most important initiatives for KANF, which the association provides in order to make positive changes in young people's lives who are searching for a profession. Moreover, they can develop their professional careers as the project combines future job opportunities that correlate with the association and its relations by providing successful employment initiatives," he added.