KAMCO organizes ‘7 Habits’ training session

Mohammed Abdullah Al Hubail
Mohammed Abdullah Al Hubail

KUWAIT: KAMCO Investment Company, a leading investment company with one of the largest AUMs in the region, and a winner of the prestigious Kuwait Asset Manager of the Year Award 2015, organized their second training session by the FranklinCovey Company about the key elements of highly effective employees that would strengthen an organization’s culture.

The FranklinCovey team, once again, held their prominent training session titled “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Organizational Culture Transformation” for select KAMCO and KIPCO Group employees held at the KIPCO Tower Chairman’s Club. The Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS) supported FranklinCovey and KAMCO in organizing the event.

Mohammed Abdullah Al Hubail, Chief Operating Officer at KAMCO, said, “The FranklinCovey team have yet again delivered a successful and informative training session. Training sessions such as ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Organizational Culture Transformation’ are in line with our human resource development strategy towards training and educating our employees to increase work efficiency and overall job satisfaction. We observed the positive outcomes from the previous training session and have therefore continued our collaboration with the FranklinCovey team in order to sustain our effort towards building employee competencies to enhance individual and organizational performance.”

Al Hubail added, “We would like to recognize KFAS for supporting KAMCO’s human resource development strategy and strategies of other firms within the private sector. Their continuous support has brought us closer to reaching our human resource development strategy and training goals. In addition to supporting KAMCO, KFAS has also helped other companies within the private sector reach their human resources development goals.”

The FranklinCovey Team presented the training session focusing on the 7 key principles that help individuals and leaders become more effective. The training session covered topics on the lines of what can and cannot be controlled within the work environment, how to define a clear measure of success along with an achievable plan, prioritizing and meeting important set goals, developing innovative solutions that satisfy all stakeholders, and the process of building high-trust relationships that will lead to mutual benefits. Attendees participated in the training session and got to experience the 7 habits through the guidance of the talented and prestigious FranklinCovey team.

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