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Jockey Ali Al-Farmawy wins Kuwait Derby Cup

KUWAIT: The horse “Rasham” with Jockey Ali Al-Farmawy won the “Kuwait Derby” Cup during the sixth run for 1800 meters, of horses born in 2016 with a time of 1.52.3 minutes at the conclusion of the 19th joint race between the Equestrian and Hunting Club and Mubarak Al-Kabeer Equestrian Club. KEHC Secretary General Sheikh Sabah Fahad Al-Nasser handed the trophy to Al-Mashaan stable.
Head of Mubarak Al-Kabeer Club Talal Al-Nisf thanked the administration of KEHC for the invitation to carry out its activity on the main racing track, adding that the cooperation between the two clubs during the race is unprecedented.

The horse “Fares Al-Bedoor” of al-Mutairi ridden by Jockey Khan, won the Arab Horse Center “Beit Al-Arab” cup for Arab horses, local production during the fifth run for 1400 meters with a time 1.42.4 minutes.

The horse “Ghadanfar Al-Ameed” of Al-Mutairi ridden by Jockey Ali Al-Farmawy won the AHC Cup for 1400m for the original Arab horses for 1.38.8 minutes.

The horse “Al-Ashras” for Al-Daeya won the cup of the late Ahmad Abdallah Al-Ayoub during the third run of mixed horses for 1000 meter in 0.57.5 minute.

The horse “Al-Muarab” of Al-Daeyah won the Mubarak Al-Kabeer Club Cup during the second run of first grade horses for 1600 meter in 1.38.8 minutes.

The horse “Buraq Al-Daeyah” won the Emarat Markets Club during the first run for the third degree horses for 1200 meters in 1.11.2 minutes.

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