KUWAIT: Official numbers showed a drop in the number of people living in Jleeb area due to closures during the coronavirus pandemic and the security raids that are taking place at the present time. The drop by the end of 2021 reached 271,000. In 2019, there were around 328,000 people living in that area. 56,779 people have relocated to different areas.

Official sources said the numbers will drop further, as more security raids will be carried out in search of Iqama violators and wanted individuals. The area is also waiting for government discussions that may end in re-claiming it totally and transforming it into an investment area with hotels and malls.

Jleeb is considered the second most crowded area in Kuwait following Salmiya where around 282,541 (mostly expatriates) live. Salmiya residents are mostly qualified professionals with few residency violators - compared to other areas such as Jleeb, Mahboula and Bneid Al-Qar. Sources said the government is planning to reduce the number of residency violators by 50 percent this year.

In another development, Social Work Society has issued a statement about the publishing of pictures of suspects in various media when they are arrested stating that it is a flagrant violation of local and international laws as well as Kuwait constitution. Such publications would create a negative impression about Kuwait's international status and its human rights and humanitarian history with regards to the rights of residents. This could also create a bad image of the country at the international level, the statement added.

The society said Kuwait guaranteed the dignity of any resident living in the country irrespective of their nationality and it will not keep silent towards any violation. The statement also urged security operatives to stop all these wrong practices. In addition, it said, those who violate the rule will be held responsible.