KUWAIT: The Japanese embassy in Kuwait released the following statement, announcing the winner for the logo contest to mark the 60th anniversary for establishing diplomatic relations between Japan and Kuwait:

"Surprisingly, we have received a large number of logo designs not only from Kuwait but also from Japan and other neighboring countries. The Embassy of Japan in the State of Kuwait is deeply grateful and impressed by the enormous and creative designs that were submitted, as they showed great interest in strengthening the friendship and bilateral relations between Japan and Kuwait. We would like to thank all participants for their enthusiastic participation and wonderful designs.

"We have to say that all submitted designs were excellent and unique, which made it very difficult for us to select a winning logo. After much consideration, we are excited to announce that the winning design is created by Yuka Satori, a Japanese art student. The Evaluation was based on the simplicity and originality.

"The selected logo shows the Kuwaiti flag represented by the number six, while Japan's flag is represented by number zero, and the Sakura flower that symbolizes Japan. Together, the two numbers are a symbol of the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations.

The wave refers to the sea, which is a common natural environment between the two countries, represents the strong and deep relations between Japan and Kuwait. The winning logo design will be used for activities related to the 60th anniversary. "