Janitor commits suicide in Fintas

KUWAIT: A building janitor committed suicide by hanging using a metal wire in Fintas, according to the police report. Investigations indicated he was suffering from mental problems. The Egyptian man was in his 40s and worked for the building he committed suicide in. The body was taken to the coroner.

Domestic violence
A Moroccan put an end to differences with her husband by beating and threatening him with a knife. He locked himself in the bedroom and called police. The woman was arrested and charged.

Sheep stolen
A shepherd said 14 sheep were stolen from him in the Kabd desert. The Bangladeshi shepherd told Ahmadi police that seven persons threatened him with knives, took 14 sheep and escaped. An armed robbery case was recorded and detectives were asked to investigate.

A Syrian lost KD 17,000 after he received a call from a person claiming to be a bank employee, and gave his account information over the phone. The Syrian lost his money in three transactions, so he closed the account after informing the bank. Detectives are investigating.

An unidentified person dismantled the engine of an Egyptian’s car and escaped with its parts. The thief was not seen or identified by anyone. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Rai

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