KUWAIT: Police are still looking for an arsonist who set fire in a large number of garbage containers in Jahra. The most recent reports came from near a cooking gas cylinders' shop and a police station in the area, raising the number of fires committed by the unknown arsonist to 59 in three days.


A female citizen was arrested over 14 charges of forgery and swindling as she took advantage of the fact that her appearance resembles that of another woman who had lost her civil ID. The forger reportedly used the ID that she found to obtain a visa card from a local bank, which she used to make several purchases. Furthermore, she used the ID to purchase four smartphone plans, then sold the devices for money. The ID's owner had reported to police that she lost her civil ID card, and was told to wait until a replacement is issued. In the meantime, she received calls from cell phone service providers asking her for due payments, and later discovered that large amounts were deducted from her salary because of the visa that was issued by her name without her knowledge. Detectives worked on the case and discovered that someone used the woman's ID to commit 14 forgeries and purchased electronics, rented three cars, in addition to buying the phone plans and obtaining the credit card. Detectives were able to identify a suspect who looks like the victim. She was arrested and confessed to all charges. In a separate case, an Egyptian man was arrested for forging an old stamp on his passport in an attempt to bypass a travel ban and leave the country. Officers handed the suspect over along with his friend to criminal detectives.


A traffic policeman was rushed to Mubarak Hospital for treatment from injuries sustained when he was run over by a vehicle whose driver fled the scene. Several passersby reported the accident to police, and paramedics soon arrived then rushed the officer to hospital. Detectives are looking for the culprit.

Work mishap

An Asian man died after he was injured by a nail gun while doing decoration works at a house. The man was rushed to the Amiri Hospital with a severe chest wound inflected by a direct shot from the gun, but he succumbed to his injuries moments later. Preliminary investigations indicate that the case was an accident. A case was filed for further investigations.

Ministry sued

A citizen who owns a beauty salon said she will sue the Interior Ministry because according to her, the Criminal Investigations Department released three expatriates she had earlier reported absconding, which caused her a lot of damage as she claims. The woman explained that three Filipina women who used to work for her escaped in May of last year, and were arrested a month ago, but they were released on a KD 1,500 bail instead of being deported, which is the common practice in absconding cases. - Translated from the Arabic press