KUWAIT: Italian Anti-Submarine Navy ship ‘Carabiniere’ is currently docked at the Shuwaikh Port. Guisepe Scognamiligio, the Italian Ambassador to Kuwait welcomed the crew at port and organized a tour at the area. — Photos by Joseph Shagra

KUWAIT: An Italian anti-submarine navy ship ‘Carabiniere’ is currently docked at the country’s premier port, Shuwaikh Port as part of its tour to the GCC and Southeast Asia regions as well as Australia. The 5-day goodwill visit is aimed at strengthening cooperation. Yesterday, the commander of the Navy Frigate Francesco Pagnotta organized a media tour and paraded various equipments including rescue rubber boats, several highpowered military equipments including antimissile systems, torpedoes, choppers and other combat systems.

“The Carabiniere has cruised all over the world - but during the last four months we have visited countries like Australia, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Pakistan and Oman. We left Italian waters around December 20 last year - and we shall conclude this mission by June. This ship was delivered to us in April 2015,” the commander said. “Our mission is to strengthen cooperation with some trans-regional allies and develop relations with potential partners. In addition, we also hope to strengthen naval diplomacy, maritime safety and surveillance,” he added. Pagnotta has a degree in Maritime Sciences and Bachelors Degree in Electronic Engineering.

On Italy-Kuwait naval cooperation, he said, “we have no agreements signed so far, but in due time we will - hopefully. But to tell you frankly, we are working closely with local authorities especially with our counterparts,” he said. Italian Ambassador to Guisepe Scognamiglio Kuwait said that the navy ship’s mission is very important for his country to be able to showcase the excellence and the might of Italian warships and its latest technology. The deployment of the ship has been organized with the support of sponsors like Fincantieri, Leonardo, MBDA Italia, Electtronica and Telespazio. This is the fourth of its kind.


By Ben Garcia