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Interview with YouTube star Adam Saleh

Photo by Joseph Shagra

YouTube star and rapper Adam Saleh loves Kuwait and its friendly people. Saleh, a 24-year-old American of Yemeni descent born and raised in New York, spoke to Kuwait Times after a performance at Discovery Mall. “This is my second time in Kuwait – the first time I had four sold-out standup comedy shows. This time, we had two sold-out shows. We have a world tour coming soon too. Kuwait was the first country chosen for my ‘Chapter II’ album that I just released, which has English and Arabic songs,” he said.

“Kuwait was the first country that came to my mind to do a ‘test show’ before I start the tour of 22 countries in the summer of 2018. The show went well – I sang from my album, and the fans liked my rap and dance moves,” he said. Saleh expressed his attachment to Kuwait. “The last time I visited Kuwait, I didn’t explore it. This time I went to The Avenues mall, and it was one of the best malls I have ever visited in my entire life. I’m planning to go to Souq Mubarkiya to buy souvenirs for my family,” he added.

He pointed out that his fans liked his new album’s songs. “My songs are about my personal life, and everyone can relate to my life and emotions that I went through. The “Wynak” song, which means ‘where are you’ in Arabic, tells a story of a girl that I used to know. “The Motto” is about the people who hate me. Everyone can relate to this,” he said.

“I filmed a documentary that will change the world. I went to around 3-4 cities of Trump supporters and offered them a free trip to Egypt to get to know real Muslims – we chose Egypt because it is a cultural place. After asking hundreds of people who are afraid of Muslims, six of them agreed to take the trip,” Saleh told Kuwait Times.

“The whole trip was documented – how they felt on the plane till they arrived in Egypt, visited mosques and the pyramids and spoke with Egyptian Muslims. It is now going through the editing process. We will then discuss with distributors about releasing it, and probably it will come out on Netflix, and is going to be available worldwide. Their perspective changed for the better during this trip. This documentary will send a message that real Muslims are not what the media shows – Islam is about love and peace,” he said.

Saleh revealed he will be launching a book in 2019 about growing up as an Arab Muslim American in New York post 9/11 “Ours was the only Muslim family in our neighborhood and school.” He advised people to surround themselves with positive people – “stay positive and strong and don’t let people let you down”.

By Faten Omar

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