KUWAIT: Deputy Premier and Interior Minister Sheikh Khalid Al-Jarrah ordered an investigation into a contract signed by the special security directorate with a local company to develop and maintain several armored vehicles for an inflated amount of money without reaching the sought after results. The special security directorate signed a contract with the local company to install turrets on armored vehicles, in additional to other mechanical improvements. But a security source said defects appeared in the vehicles after the improvements that made them obsolete, due to a lack of balance on the road. This prompted the minister to open an investigation to find out the justification of carrying out the work.

KD 11,000 stolen

A Syrian was accosted by three thieves who stalked him in Kuwait City and robbed KD 11,000 he was going to exchange. They then escaped, leaving him bleeding. Detectives are working on the case.

Bedoon shot

A bedoon accused six persons of shooting him and injuring his foot and smashing the window of his car in Jaber Al-Ahmad. He said this was a continuation of a fight that took place two days earlier in Kabd. Police are working on their arrest.

Drunk woman

A woman in an abnormal condition collided with a police patrol car in a Hawally governorate area. The woman surprised the two patrolmen with her behavior, so they approached her to find out what was wrong. As soon as she spoke to them, they realized she was drunk. She then attempted to argue with them. The woman was taken to the police station for drunkenness and colliding with a police patrol.

Man jumps from 6th floor

A wanted Egyptian jumped from the sixth floor of a Nugra building in an attempt to escape from detectives and sustained severe fractures. He was taken to Mubarak Hospital. A source said detectives learned about the suspect's whereabouts, so they headed to the building armed with a warrant, but as soon as they entered his flat, the suspect jumped from the window.

13-year-old girl flees

A 13-year-old girl fled her family house in an SUV, but after it suffered a flat tire, she became frightened and was admitted to Amiri Hospital. Her family who lives in Jahra called police for help and gave them information about the girl and the vehicle. An hour after circulating the information, Amiri Hospital officials called and told them the girl was there. Police said the girl got terrified after the tire punctured and did not know what to do.