KUWAIT: Interior Ministry Undersecretary Lt Gen Suleiman Al-Fahd said the security establishment is keen on implementing laws and legislations that call for respecting human rights and not degrade human dignity, while guaranteeing protection to all those who live in Kuwait regardless of gender, religion or belief. Fahd was speaking during the reception of UN commissioner on fighting human trafficking Maria Garcia. Fahd stressed the rights of laborers and its gains, adding that these rights are protected at all levels. He said the establishment took decisive and tangible steps in this regard.

Meanwhile, Interior Ministry Assistant Undersecretary for the Reform Establishment and Sentences Enforcement Maj Gen Khalid Al-Dayeen welcomed Garcia and said the interior ministry has taken important and unprecedented steps in the field of human rights and fighting human trafficking in order to preserve human dignity.

A detailed explanation was given about the most important and the number of human trafficking cases in Kuwait and the measures taken by the Interior Ministry. Victims are welcomed and informed about their rights and duties and the extent of their wish to cooperate with security authorities - then they will be given the choice, either to work again in Kuwait or return to their countries, in cooperation with the International Organization for Migration and expat labor shelters.