Institute of Banking Studies honors 17 NBK employees

KUWAIT: The Institute of Banking Studies (KIBS) honored 17 employees from National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) who participated in a number of training programs provided by the KIBS for the banking sector employees, as part of the Professional Certification Programs for year 2021-2022. These programs are accredited by The London Institute of Banking and Finance, which is one of the leading international institutions in professional banking and finance studies.

NBK employees received various professional certificates including: Certified Bank Branch Manager (CBBM), Certified Bank Branch Operations Manager (CBBOM) and Certified Business Relationship Manager (CBRM). NBK adopts a strategy that promotes employees’ continuous development and improvement of their skills and expertise. To this end, the bank links promotions and financial incentives to academic certificates and training courses obtained by employees, to ensure continuous development for them.

The bank also regards professional certification as paramount in employee’s career, and always motivates them to pursue continuous development of their capabilities and skills. In addition to being globally accepted tools for continuous learning and training, these certificates help boost the professional competence of banking sector employees to keep pace with global changes in this regard.

The Programs aim to improve their efficiency and enhance their capabilities to ensure that they are up to date with the latest advancements made in the global banking industry and qualify them to become active contributors to the economic development in Kuwait. KIBS’ initiatives aligns with NBK’s strategy of investing in its human capital, as seen in its consistent endeavors to support, empower, train national talent and provide them with promising employment opportunities. This reflects NBK’s role as one of the top private sector employers of Kuwaitis, and keenness to offer training programs designed according to advanced scientific methodologies, to help improve employees’ performance.

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