Infamous Jahra car thieves arrested; Indian woman beaten

KUWAIT: Jahra detectives arrested two car thieves near the Industrial Sulaibiya area, after they were put under surveillance for few days. The two were witness on numerous occasions stealing cars and robbing citizens and expats in the Adan and Farwaniya areas. Law enforcement interrogations revealed that the two stole a car from Adan then robbed expats. They took police officers to the place where the car was stolen and later to the place they left it in Jahra desert.

Liquor-maker arrests
Farwaniya police arrested five Asian trading in locally made liquor, in four separate arrests in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh and Khaitan. The total number of bottles found on them tallied to 232. The first arrest was in Khaitan when an Indian was seen walking with a large bag. When a police patrol was passing by, he threw it and started running; he was then caught and arrested with 20 bottles in the bag. The second arrest was in the same area when two Indians were stopped and 26 bottles were found in the trunk of their car. The third arrest was in Jleeb when a Korean was caught with 130 bottles, the fourth arrest was in Jleeb when an Indian ran away when he saw police leaving bags behind, and they found 66 bottles with him.

Indian woman beaten
An Indian woman was found beaten hard by a man she claimed she knows. The woman went to Jleeb police station and told them that while heading home from work she was stopped by an Indian man with whom she had financial differences. As the argument escalated, he began beating her and then stole her gold necklace and bracelets before escaping.
Ardhiya thief An Asian who was wanted on several theft cases was arrested in Ardhiya. Detectives discovered where he was staying and so they went to the house and arrested him the minute they saw him and immediately took him to the nearest police station.

— Alrai/Alanbaa

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