Indian deportee commits suicide inside cell; Egyptian forges driving license

KUWAIT: An Indian man committed suicide by hanging inside his deportation prison cell, according to investigations. Interior Ministry Assistant Undersecretary for Reform Establishments and Sentences Execution Department ordered an investigation into the incident and determine what caused the expat to put an end to his life inside the prison. A security source said the victim took the opportunity when all inmates were asleep. He used bed sheets as a noose to hang himself.

Man forges license
An Egyptian man was sent to the public prosecution charged with forgery. A security source said information was received about the expat who recently arrived in Kuwait and got a driving license although he does not meet the conditions. The license had the information of his brother but with his picture on it. He said when he failed to get a license, he used his brother’s details, who left the country.

Thieves caught
Policemen foiled an attempt by three Egyptians to store construction material in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh after stealing it from houses under construction. The three were stopped when they were driving a pickup truck, and police noticed that they were nervous. The three stole the material from houses under construction in Jaber Al-Ahmad. They were detained and further legal action is being taken.

Search for harasser
A citizen sought the help of police against a harasser who chased her all the way to the police station before escaping. The citizen, in her thirties, told Salmiya police that while driving, another driver chased and attempted to stop her, but she ignored him. He followed her until she entered the police station’s parking lot, when he escaped, she said. The woman gave police the license plate number.

Wedding photos uploaded online
A citizen accused a local studio of publishing photos of her daughter’s wedding on social media. She told Maidan Hawally police that she had contracted a famous studio to film the wedding. She said the wedding took place two months ago, but she was surprised lately with pictures of women and her daughter, the bride, uploaded on social media. The wedding hall officials had banned mobile phones, and two women only were allowed to film, so she accused the studio of publishing them. – Al-Rai

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