Illegal residents found gambling

KUWAIT: MOI’s relations and security media department announced that residency detectives had arrested three Asians while gambling including one who had been deported several times and somehow managed to illegally return to Kuwait. All three suspects were caught red-handed and all turned out to be illegal residents.

Inspection campaigns
Mubarak Al-Kabeer municipality inspection team leader, Majed Al-Muttairi said that his team had recently inspected 32 stores to make sure they matched municipality conditions and regulations. Al-Muttairi added that the campaign also resulted in the removal of 25 illegal ads and made a warning notice to houses for violating government property.
Elsewhere, the capital municipality inspection team recently toured a number of stores and restaurants to inspect adherence to municipality regulations, said team leader Abdullah Jaber. The tour resulted in the confiscation and destruction of over 5 tons of food and expired food items including 4 tons of stored expired food items and one ton of foul oranges in an orange juice factory. Jaber added that the tour also resulted in filing 30 citations for violations such as violating cleanliness conditions, dealing in expired food items, operating without a license and using unlicensed ads.

By Hanan Al-Sa’doun

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