Over 3000 people attended the last musical concert held on Friday at the Ice Skating Rink before being demolished soon according to the organizer. The seat were completely sold out with many people crowding outside the rink to attend the concert. The majority of the audiences were youth. The concert started with a performance by young Kuwaiti singer and actor Bader Al-Shieibi. He became popular among the young generation just few years back with his modern mix of Arabic and English songs.

Popular singer Sultan Al-Omani from Oman, who started his career in 2017 and became very popular through his Iraqi style songs also performed at the concert. This was his third time performance in Kuwait. After the concert he said that Kuwait is the station of success for him. "This concert was very successful, and I'm glad to be here. I would also like to thank the audience for their love to my songs," Al-Omani noted.

The concert was concluded with a performance by Kuwaiti singer Mutref Al-Mutref. Besides his romantic songs, he also presented two of his late father's Yousef Al-Mutref songs in new style. The concert concluded at 1:30 am. The concert was produced by Abdulaziz Al-Zaidi, Managed by Mohammed Shehata, and presented by the popular Kuwaiti TV presenter Halima Buland.

By Nawara Fattahova