‘I regret committing such terrible crime’

crime-scene-picKUWAIT: Following up on the murder of a Kuwaiti woman and her Saudi mother in Egypt, the suspected murderer, who abducted after promising to buy them a farm in upper Egypt and killed them there to take the cash they had, seemed absentminded during an interview with Kuwait local daily Al-Rai. The suspect, Abdul Tawwab, stressed that he knew he was going to be hanged and that he was in deep remorse, expressing his apologies to his victims’ family members.

“I regret committing such a terrible crime. I would have never imagined I would kill the woman I once worked for and who used to care for me,” he said in tears, but justified killing the daughter in self-defence as she tried to attack him with a knife. He added that he did not kill the mother and she only slipped and fell into the well. “I cannot sleep anymore – the daughter is haunting me in my dreams”, he added.

Licensed gun stolen
A citizen reported that an unidentified robber had broken into his farm and stolen a licensed shotgun and two cartridges. The man provided the police with a photocopy of his weapon license. A case was filed and further investigations are in progress. Meanwhile, a female citizen reported that on getting out of a Fintas beauty salon, she found that her vehicle had been broken into and that her purse and mobile phone, with very personal photos in it, had been stolen. A case was filed and further investigations are in progress.

Juvenile arrested with drugs
Two juvenile citizens were arrested with drugs and for driving a stolen vehicle along King Abdul Aziz highway, said security sources. Case papers indicate that a police patrol ordered the driver to pull over for a traffic violation he committed, but he refused and drove off. He was chased and compelled to stop. On searching the vehicle, that was found reported stolen, police officers found the drugs.

A case was filed and both juveniles were referred to relevant authorities. In another development, an Egyptian and four European women were arrested while heavily drunk at Nuwaiseeb land border exit, said security sources, noting that losing focus under the effect of alcohol, the suspects lost their way and drove into the border exit, where they were stopped. Custom inspectors on the site found a few bottles of liquor with them. A case was filed.

Witchcraft items
A GCC woman was arrested on arriving through Nuwaiseeb land border exit with the possession of sorcery and witchcraft items.

‘Your money or your life’
“Your money or your life” – this was what a mugger reportedly told a Bangladeshi in Bayan when he placed a knife at his throat and gave him an option between having his throat slit or handing over his wallet and mobile phone, said security sources. The man said that the robber was dressed in national garb. A case was filed and further investigations are in progress.

Indecent gesture
A 40-year-old female citizen reported that the driver of a vehicle insulted her and made an indecent gesture at her when they argued over traffic priority in Adan. The woman provided the police with the man’s car’s license plate number.

Drug suspect arrested
A citizen called police to arrest his son when he returned home under the influence of drugs and started to smash the furniture. The man let policemen in when they arrived and the son was arrested.  Also, Farwaniya patrol suspected a driver, and on stopping him, the man stepped out and ran, and policemen could not catch up with him. Searching the vehicle, detectives found 67 home-made liquor bottles. A case was filed and further investigations are in progress.

Inspection campaign
A wide inspection campaign at the livestock fodder market along Salmi highway resulted in arresting 65 people for being wanted, holding no ID or being illegal residents. The suspects were arrested pending deportation. In another campaign in Fahaheel, a wanted person and 90 illegal residents were also arrested.

Kuwaiti stabbed
A citizen was seriously injured during a fight with others in Mubarak Al-Kabeer when one of them stabbed him in the shoulder, said security sources.

KD 158,000 embezzled
Educational sources said that the Ministry of Education’s Financial Department discovered that an accountant had embezzled KD 158,000 by forging some receipts and fled to his home country. A case was filed and security forces in the suspect’s country are being contacted to arrest and hand him over to Kuwait.

10 undergraduates arrested
A search is on for three unidentified people who were spotted trespassing into a sanctuary in two vehicles, said security sources, noting that on stopping them, the suspects pointed a shotgun at the officers, threatening to shoot before they drove off. Meanwhile, 10 Kuwaiti undergraduates were arrested for trespassing into the same sanctuary. – Al-Rai and Al-Anbaa

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