Muna Al-Fuzai

Muna Al-Fuzai

We are passing through a very difficult time these days that does not allow many jobseekers to get a new job because most companies are struggling with the impact of the COVID-19 crisis, and the issue of hiring and wages are difficult matters for all. I know that we all dream and pray for the days to go back as before the virus, so at least half of our business goes back to its routine.

I believe that there are no winners in this war against the virus. Business owners and companies are losing their businesses and some have been forced to move out of the global market too. Employees are losing their source of income regardless of their financial obligations.

I think banks might understand the situation of companies, but who can support the small employees who rely on their salaries to survive?  This is indeed a global nightmare. I support all states that try to activate their economies by reopening their countries to tourists and shoppers. But this is not happening all around the world.

I receive letters from many people who are complaining about the bad financial conditions and some of them have lost their jobs or their wages have been reduced, and I feel their pain. These workers did not cause this epidemic, and despite this, they lost their jobs. The worst part I think is that no one knows when this crisis will be over and if businesses can recover easily and return to normal work.

I do not mean here to return to the time before the coronavirus, but at least within 50 percent of normality to allow people to get new jobs. Yesterday, I received a letter from an expatriate woman who recently gave birth. She was laid off in March before the complete curfew. She is suffering a lot because she is a mother without work and complained about the difficulty of getting a job these days. She is right.

I think sending resumes randomly is a waste of time for jobseekers - just like applying for a job without looking at its requirements. Unfortunately, this global crisis has revealed many things, including that obtaining a job is difficult through automated recruitment, because when a job is announced, the automated system receives thousands of requests. I do not know exactly how the selection process works and who controls the matter, but I guess humans have a role.

 I have a bad experience of dealing with employment through advertisements and automatic responses. Sometimes, the chosen candidates are predetermined and tests are just part of formalities. So how can jobseekers get a job these days? That is the question. It is not easy, but not impossible too. Working from home and online is available for those who have skills, such as digital marketing, for example. Also, many courses are available online for multiple specialties and it is a good opportunity to use the lockdown to learn new skills and get a degree.

The world is going through a phase of transformation and it has turned us all away from what we were used to - whether work or lifestyle. This change makes us feel upset or hurt, but it is happening and we have to be ready to cope.