Hundreds arrested in police crackdowns Hundreds arrested in police crackdowns

KUWAIT: The Ministry of Interior's Relations and Security Information Department said the Interior Ministry continues its strategy that aims at enforcing the law and pursuing violators everywhere without exception, adding that it will not spare any effort to urge various sectors to carry out their duties in full in order to ensure stability and security in the society.

In that context, the general security department carried out several campaigns during the period from Aug 3-10 covering various areas of the country, resulting in the arrest of 49 wanted persons for felony charges, 205 for civil cases and 458 for absconding, in addition to 418 residency violators. The campaigns also resulted in arresting 1,018 persons without IDs, 66 for drug possession and 24 over liquor, in addition to issuing 2,260 traffic citations and impounding 131 vehicles and 37 vehicles wanted by authorities.

Meanwhile, rescue police dealt with 3,120 calls during the period from Aug 1-11, resulting in the arrest of 12 people wanted for felony offenses, 127 for civil cases, 25 for drugs related issues, eight cars were impounded, one was arrested for theft, 160 for absconding, 14 were wanted by security departments, 43 persons without IDs and 29 with expired residency permits. Rescue police also issued 2,748 traffic violations and dealt with 213 car accidents. In other news, a security campaign by the coastguard resulted in impounding 18 violating jet-skis in Sabah Al-Ahmad Marine City.

Separately, the Interior Ministry's Relations and Security Information Department categorically denied published reports which claim that Undersecretary Lieutenant General Suleiman Al-Fahd intends to limit the use of criminal detectives' vehicles to working hours only is totally untrue. The department said work of detectives is not linked to certain hours; rather it is round-the-clock.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun