KUWAIT: As the criminal court set the first hearing in the case filed against a Bangladeshi lawmaker and others accused of human trafficking, Bangladeshi criminal investigators leaked the details of investigations conducted with suspect A Hussein (aka Sirajuddin), about whom Al-Rai had written on August 20 as one of the main suspects detained in Kuwait.

However, Sirajuddin managed to flee Kuwait. According to Bangladeshi newspaper Dhaka Tribune and during investigations conducted with him in Bangladesh, he claimed that he paid a huge bribe to Kuwaiti immigration investigation officials who helped him flee Kuwait after the Bangladeshi lawmaker was arrested with six others on June 6, 2020.

Sirajuddin told his interrogators that he had been detained in Kuwait after the Bangladeshi MP was arrested. He was then released on bail along with two other leaders of the human trafficking network pending further legal action, but then disappeared.

The suspect added that with the help of immigration investigation officials whom he bribed with a large sum of money, he managed to fly back to Bangladesh despite not having any passport or other legal documents. He explained that the bribed Kuwaiti officials arranged to switch off CCTV surveillance cameras on his path to board a plane at Kuwait International Airport.

Bangladeshi criminal investigation officials told the newspaper that they are currently working on investigating how Sirajuddin and two other suspects managed to enter Bangladesh through Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka. Notably, Bangladeshi criminal investigators had arrested Sirajuddin in August based on information provided by their Kuwaiti peers, as he is one of the major associates of the detained Bangladeshi MP.

Health zone fire
Following up on the fire that recently broke out in a parking building in Sabah health zone, Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (KFSD) sources said it took around 300 firefighters, of whom 55 were injured, some 40 hours to control the fire. The sources added that firefighting teams have started final inspections of the building to make sure the fire is completely put out and that investigations are in progress to determine the cause of the fire pending referring the final report to relevant authorities soon.

The sources explained that the construction contractors had taken advantage of the lockdown during the coronavirus crisis and used the parking building - comprising of two basements and ground, first and second floors - to store construction materials, tools and sanitary ware, dividing the parking lot into storage sections, which impeded firefighters' efforts. The sources added that the building is still in the contractor's custody and that he had not turned it over to MoH or KFSD, which means that they are not responsible for the building.

Stabbing suspect at large
A search is on for a young man who stabbed two brothers inside their diwaniya in Sabahiya before fleeing the scene, Al-Rai reported quoting security sources. Case papers said police detectives and paramedics rushed to the scene on receiving a report about the incident. The two brothers received medical treatment, while a third brother told detectives that a friend with whom they had a disagreement barged into the diwaniya waving a knife, which he used to stab his brothers before fleeing the scene.

In a separate case, two Kuwaitis settled a dispute by stabbing each other in Salhiya, said security sources, noting one of them fled the scene and the other rushed to a hospital to get a medical report about his injuries and filed a complaint. A case was filed and a search is on for the other suspect.

Landmine found
Kuwait Army explosive experts blew up an old landmine found near Sulaibiya farms only 300 m away from the main road, said security sources, noting that further inspection of the surrounding area is in progress to make sure no more landmines are buried there. Meanwhile, an interior ministry bomb squad was dispatched to deal with an RPG shell and dozens of bullets found by a worker at the Shadadiya university project site along Mutlaa highway, said security sources, noting that the ammunition had been left over by invading Iraqi troops. Separately, Mubarak Al-Kabeer hazardous substances combat teams managed to control a diesel leak after a fuel tanker turned over along King Fahd Highway, injuring the driver.

Landlord, tenant dispute
A Kuwaiti tenant filed a complaint against his landlord accusing him of banging his door and threatening to break it down due to some disagreements between them. The tenant added that when he told the house owner that he will call Rawda police, the latter insulted him and dared him to do so. A case was filed and the owner is being summoned for further investigations.

Deadly accident
A Pakistani ready mix truck driver was killed when he lost control over his truck and it turned over along Nuwaiseeb road.