Human remains found

KUWAIT: Forensics personnel went to Abdaly to recover human remains and will work on identifying them – whether they belong to a male or female, as well as determine the time of death and compare it with absconding reports at the time. Al-Anbaa Arabic daily reported yesterday quoting a source who said all possibilities are open for consideration, as the remains may date back to the time of the invasion or a few years ago, adding that forensics officers have the techniques that will enable them to uncover the details behind this discovery, which was recorded as a suspected felony at Qashaniya police station. Police had received a call from an expat who works for a contracting company, who told them he saw a skull while on his way to work, and gave them the location.

No seats available
KUWAIT: Sources at airline companies and travel agencies said no seats are available on flights from the UAE and Turkey until Feb 20. The sources told Al-Anbaa Arabic daily that rescheduling of flights and cancellation of others based on a decision by the civil aviation authority to reduce the number of arriving passengers to Kuwait to 1,000 daily. This caused a massive demand for return flights to Kuwait, especially from Dubai and Istanbul, as they are transit destinations for passengers from 35 countries from which direct flights are banned due to a high risk of coronavirus transmission. Local and regional airlines have merged their flights to meet the operation quota for each country.

Five-day quarantine
KUWAIT: Head of the union of domestic help offices Khalid Al-Dakhnan said the union proposed to reduce the quarantine time for arriving domestic helpers to five days instead of two weeks, especially since they undergo three PCR tests before arriving proving they are free of COVID-19, Al-Jarida Arabic daily reported. He said this measure will reduce costs and save large amounts of money for citizens and expats. Dakhnan said that the recruitment rate set according to a commerce ministry decision is KD 990 for each helper, with KD 490 to be added as expenses for quarantine in case the helpers are arriving from the Philippines, and KD 390 if they are coming from India.


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