Huawei Watch 4 delivers smart experience

KUWAIT: Huawei is always ahead of the game when it comes to wearables. This is especially true for their smartwatches. This brand has a knack for delivering premium smartwatches that carry the elegance of traditional luxury watches fused with cutting-edge smart features. Their latest lineup of smartwatches, the Huawei Watch 4 Series, is no exception. It is a mesmerizing blend of craftsmanship and technology that effortlessly scoops up the title for the best smartwatch of 2023. This new smartwatch is a full-fledged health and wellness companion and a fashionable accessory, and comes packed with amazing smart features.

The Huawei Watch 4 Series will be available in Kuwait on the 18th of July, 2023 from Huawei’s official website and select retailers. Out of the world design At the heart of the Huawei Watch 4 Series lies the exquisite design philosophy. The minute you lay your eyes on it, you’ll notice the futuristic elegance underpinned by an aesthetic inspired by the vast and infinite universe. The Huawei Watch 4 Pro, with its aerospace-grade titanium case, exudes a premium feel, its robustness balanced by a sophisticated sheen that is bound to turn heads.

Not to be outdone, the Huawei Watch 4 features a sleek Black Stainless-Steel Case complemented by 3D curved glass that crafts a polished and contemporary look. Even the watch faces stay true to this celestial theme, with designs inspired by the moon and six different planets. The Spherical Sapphire Glass covering the dial is highly resistant to scratches, ensuring that the watch remains as stylish and elegant as ever, even in the face of regular. Health management made easy One of the key reasons to get a smartwatch is to keep track of health and fitness.

And Huawei’s new generation of smartwatches makes a huge leap in health monitoring. The Huawei Watch 4 Series comes with the Health Glance feature gives you a comprehensive but easy-to-understand report of your health status. It uses quick multiple health indicators to measure various health data items at the same time. These include ECG, heart rate, SpO2, Arterial stiffness detection, stress levels, skin temperature and Respiratory Check. Just a tap on your wrist to get comprehensive health data – it’s as simple as that. The Huawei Watch 4 Series is also the first of the Huawei smartwatches to support the Health Trend feature.

With this feature, you can keep track of your health like never before. It lets you see how your sleep, stress, heart rate and blood oxygen change over time. It’s a great way to learn more about yourself and live a healthier life. Stay connected everywhere The Huawei Watch 4 Series comes with an upgraded version of the eSIM. With this, you can make and receive calls and send messages right from your wrist, even if your phone isn’t around. This is perfect for those moments when carrying a phone might be cumbersome, like during a workout.Or whenever you decide to go light.

Besides cellular calling and messaging, the watch also supports standalone navigation using Petal Maps. Now you have the freedom to explore everywhere with confidence. Power packed Battery life is a key element that defines a great smartwatch. And thanks to its Dual-core architecture 2.0, the Huawei Watch 4 Series offers incredible battery life.

In the Standard Mode, the Huawei Watch 4 Pro offers an impressive 4.5 days of battery life, while the Watch 4 provides a still substantial 3 days. But in the Ultra-long Battery Life Mode, the battery life is even better, with the Watch 4 Pro giving you up to 21 days and the Watch 4 lasting up to 14 days on a single charge. Moreover, a short 15-minute charge provides a full day of battery life. That means you can focus more on your training sessions and adventures and less on the battery status.

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