How Islamic are we?

Muna Al Fuzai

Which countries apply Islamic values the most? A study by professors at George Washington University came up with a surprising result that is shocking, but rational and wise. The university worked on the study and framed a questionnaire. Upon completion of the study, New Zealand stood first, with Luxembourg in second place and Ireland third. Japan was also ranked among the top. Kuwait ranked 48th globally. Egypt was ranked 153. Malaysia was 38th globally and the first among Muslim countries.

The study did not consider the number of mosques and how many women wear the niqab or the number of bearded men, but looked deeply for things that reflect religious values and behaviors. It’s a great study that deserves our attention. For example, Japan focuses since primary school on a subject called “road ethics”, in which students learn about dealing with others. The Japanese, even though they are one of the richest people in the world, don’t have maids, because the parents are responsible for the house and the children.

I believe that morals are essential, and help reinforce the importance of values of self-reliance and avoiding laziness. I am also convinced that the large number of maids in the house is a negative aspect and dangerous, because it creates dependency and promotes racism. It sets in the minds of children and also adults that you don’t have to make efforts for your needs, not even to get a glass of water, as long as there are those who will work for you. No wonder the rate of obesity is very high, because no one moves, not even in their own homes. Islam calls for work and action and to avoid laziness and dependency, and is against slavery.

The bleak situation we are facing today in the Muslim world is the result of bad decisions and conservative and discriminatory policies and behaviors, because when we face a social problem, we do not recognize our mistakes and seek solutions – we try to accuse others including technology, which is incorrect.

As an example, look at the status of cleaners. How they are viewed by some? There are those who feel pity at their situation, and there are those who pass by them as if they do not exist, because they are poor. Then there are those who accuse them of committing crimes, but no one asks why they are so desperate.

Many still believe that religion is only about clothes, beards, prayers and fasting, and ignore that religion is also morality and good treatment of others. In the Islamic religion, there is no difference between white and black, with emphasis on duties and rights, tolerance and compassion, kindness and affection, and work and diligence. For Islamic countries to be at the bottom of this list is natural, because if we apply Islam in our lives, we wouldn’t be in this situation.

The link of the study: http://hossein-askari.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/how-islamic-are-islamic-countries.pdf

By Muna Al-Fuzai
[email protected]

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