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Hot, humid weather during weekend

KUWAIT: Humidity and heat will dominate coastal areas in Kuwait during the weekend, which in general will have light to moderate winds coming from the northwest, a Kuwaiti meteorologist said yesterday. The weather is expected to be hot and humid today with variable light to moderate winds at speeds of 8 to 30 km/h with temperatures soaring to 44 to 46 degrees Celsius, Meteorologist Ahmad Al-Qarawi indicated. The state of the sea will witness waves of light to moderate status reaching 1 to 4 feet. This evening will not fare any better as the weather continues to maintain its hotness and humidity with northwestern light to moderate winds at 6 to 28 km/h. Temperatures will reach 27 to 29 degrees Celsius while the status of the sea will witness light to moderate waves at 1 to 4 feet.

Tomorrow continues the same trend, with temperatures reaching 44 to 46 degrees Celsius during the day and 26 to 28 degrees during the evening, said Qarawi. He added that the northwestern wind speed, during the day and evening, would reach between 6 to 26 km/h, a similar case with the sea as it reaches between 1 to 3 feet. – KUNA

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