Muna Al Fuzai

Some see the hijab that covers the hair as a symbol of modesty and chastity that distinguishes Muslim women from other women. Conversely, they view Playboy magazine as a tool of pornographic pictures of nude girls that symbolizes permissiveness and sexual freedom, despite the fact that this magazine stopped publishing nude pictures a year ago after six full decades of dissemination of pornography. Now, a beautiful Muslim girl has suddenly appeared in this magazine to ignite a heated debate among many Muslims, both supporters and opponents.

American Muslim journalist of Libyan descent Noor Tagouri appeared with a headscarf and decent clothes in Playboy in October. But the beautiful images were not welcomed by many Muslims. I think this lady has made history by becoming the first woman to wear a hijab featured in Playboy magazine. Tagouri, a journalist at Newsy, stars as part of the magazine's Renegades issue, which features eight men and women "who aren't afraid to break the rules".

It seems that the main objective of the appearance of Noor with a headscarf was to send the world a clear message, which is not to be afraid of the hijab and not deal with those wearing it in a negative way. I did not expect conservatives to clap and welcome her action as one of personal freedom, but it is unfortunate that some people attacked her severely, some even out of jealousy. They are really narrow-minded people.

Some female writers and journalists tried to raise a fuss, as Playboy is known for being a pornographic magazine, and the presence of a Muslim girl in its pages looks like contradictory behavior. But they overlook the fact that the hijab is a cover for the hair for modesty and has nothing to do with morality. Basically, if we understand the headscarf as a symbol of chastity, does this mean that a man with a beard is a saint? Osama bin Laden and IS militants wear long beards. What does this make them?

A radical response came from some hardline Islamic parties that announced that Tagouri has insulted Muslims. So all these killings and chaos by terrorists and conservative groups have not insulted Islam, but the appearance of a young lady on a magazine did. That is complete contradiction. I salute the courage of this girl, whether people some liked the pictures or not. Noor made history and her message is received.