American Creativity Academy’s (ACA) Professional Learning Hub in Kuwait has unveiled an exciting partnership with the prestigious Harvard Graduate School of Education in the United States, bringing Harvard’s expertise to Kuwait's educational landscape. This partnership marks a significant milestone in ACA’s mission toward educational excellence in Kuwait, by providing professional learning opportunities to ACA’s staff and all educators around Kuwait.

"The collaboration with Harvard Graduate School of Education is a game-changer for education in Kuwait,” said Sevag Kendirjian, the education director for SAMA Education, the holding company of American Creativity Academy Schools.

When ACA Professional Learning Hub was founded in 2022, its vision was clear: to develop educators. "We understand the importance of investing in our educators, and recognize that this pursuit extends beyond our school," said Dr. Claire Shea, the Head of School at ACA’s Hawally Schools.

School Leaders in the Middle East can access a world-class leadership course right in their own backyard, delivered by Harvard's renowned faculty. The 3-day leadership course offered by Harvard from 30 November to 2 December, is tailor-made for senior school leadership roles in the Middle East: with cutting-edge strategies, innovative approaches, and leadership skills that will redefine the educational landscape in the region.

"We are looking forward to bringing our rich content and high-quality instruction to Kuwait this November," stated Shaylan Carey, the associate director for the Middle East Learning Initiative from Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Senior School Leaders who wish to register may visit for more information. You can also follow us on Instagram @plh_aca_official