Harasser arrested – Enchanted by beauty of woman’s eyes

KUWAIT: A man who was ‘enchanted’ by the beauty of a woman’s eyes did not realize that flirting with her will land him at Jahra police station charged with inciting immorality. The suspect chased the girl in a Jahra mall, but she rebuffed his advances. Instead of leaving her alone, he approached her and tried to give her his phone number, saying how beautiful her eyes were. The girl cried for help and people rushed to help her, and handed him to policemen. He was taken to the police station where the girl lodged a complaint against him.

Rowdy parties
Several residents of Salwa complained about a flat where rowdy parties were being held with loud music and drugs. Hawally police went to the flat, but the party was almost over and only two bedoons were found dancing with drugs (chemical, heroin, shabu, a hashish joint and illicit pills). Both men were taken to concerned authorities charged with drug possession.

Ex-husband charged
A woman accused her ex-husband of stealing her car, as he has a key to it. The citizen parked her car as usual, but was surprised when the car disappeared, so she went to Fintas police station and complained against her ex-husband.

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