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A single visit to Al-Shaheed (Martyr) Park will give a clear idea about Kuwaiti youth. This lovely place has become a venue where young Kuwaitis of both genders meet for lectures, sports, music, awareness workshops, seminars and school and university visits. It is absolutely a cultural spot in the middle of Kuwait City that is more like a dream for every human being on earth. It is a place where one can breathe clean air, watch the most beautiful scenes and youth determination to achieve some change through the programs they offer.

What I like about this place are the new groups of youth who are different from those we are used to seeing in various NGOs that have mostly become very idle. Kuwaiti youth are changing for many reasons, including overseas education, the effect of social media networks, contacts with members of other communities, defying public sector job temptations and taking the social and financial risks of starting their own businesses. They are really digging in and strongly resisting the deadly bureaucracy of the state's administrative apparatuses.

There is so much hope visitors can see. They can watch a movement full of optimism and creativity. Ideas implemented in the park seem to be expanding on a daily basis. There is so much one can do there including sell books on behalf of commercial book stores to encourage reading and support the store owners at the same time.

I believe what is going on in the park is a kind of rejection of all sociopolitical stereotypes and molds that used to control and motivate our actions. The actions of these young people are an indirect message to official establishments telling them that the slogans they have been using about caring for youth are off course and going in directions of no interest to the youth. - Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Jarida

By Mudaffar Abdullah