By Abdelllatif Sharaa

KUWAIT: The 38th Gulf Handball Cup Winners Championship ended on Sunday with Bahrain's Najma team beating Saudi Arabia's Mudhar 39-24 in the final match. Director General of Public Authority for Sport Dr Humoud Fulaiteh, Deputy Chairman of the International Handball Association, Treasurer of Asian Association Bader Al-Thiyab, Kuwait Club Chairman Khalid Al-Ghanim, and heads of participating delegations were present at the finals.

This is the sixth title for Najma. Bahrain's Al-Ahli grabbed eight titles; Saudi Arabia's Ahli (seven); Bahrain's Najma (six); Kuwait's Salmiya (four); Qatar's Sadd (three); Qatar's Rayyan (two); Khaitan, Sulaibkhat, UAE's Ain, Iraq's Jaish, Saudi Arabia's Nour, Qatar's Ahli and Gharrafah and UAE's Ahli won title each.

Chairman of Kuwait Sports Club Khalid Al-Ghanim thanked all participants in the Gulf Handball Championship who had a major role in making the event a success. Al-Ghanim said Bahrain's Najma deserved the title congratulated them. Chairman of the organization committee Bader Al-Osaimi lauded the role of the sub-committee before and during the tournament which added to the success and excellent organization of the championship.