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Great success for KFH ‘Padel’ championship

Yousuf Al-Ruwaieh

KUWAIT: KFH Group DGM – Public Relations and Media, Yousuf Abdullah Al-Ruwaieh praised the great success which KFH ‘Padel’ championship has achieved at Kuwait level. The championship was held on a private playground at Seashell Resort – Julaia with a tremendous youth participation comprising 32 teams to win the championship title. Eliminations continued for two days where the RFA team won the championship.

Ruwaieh added in a press release that the organizing of KFH ‘Padel’ championship comes as part of the bank’s social responsibility and keenness to fulfill youth aspirations and interests. He emphasized that the championship witnessed heavy audience, many positive and encouraging comments, tremendous public follow up and comprehensive media coverage on various social media channels. Ruwaieh emphasized the significance of KFH ‘Padel’ championship in diversifying sporting activities, especially that this sport is a new sport which has gained great momentum worldwide.

Ruwaieh said that KFH lays great emphasis on youth being the true national treasure and one of the most significant pillars in KFH social responsibility strategy. Accordingly, KFH has always taken the lead in designing youth and sport initiatives and programs to fulfill youth ambitions and aspirations. He indicated that the significance of the ‘Padel’ championship lays in the ability to produce young Kuwaiti talents to achieve remarkable accomplishments and hold Kuwait’s name high.

He added that KFH is the main youth supporter and the first bank in Kuwait to launch the platform “You are our pride” to honor the distinguished winners in various sporting fields. KFH is the only bank that has the “KFH Initiators’ team which comprises several names which have contributed to holding Kuwait’s name high in various fields.

He noted that those who make global achievements join “You are our pride” program and become KFH initiators according to the approved bank standards. He added that the championship is considered as a new addition to the sporting activities in Kuwait, thus indicating that the vast participation which the championship witnessed is clear evidence on the youth acceptance of this sport.

KFH AM – Public Relations, Fahad Al-Saad said that KFH shall continue its endeavor to organize other versions of KFH Padel Tour on regular basis. The main goal of the championship is to create a gathering platform for sports lovers and give them the opportunity to evaluate themselves technically through competitive matches with high sporting spirits. He added that the championship included competitions and prizes to the public and to the players as well.

KFH was also keen on cooperating and encouraging a number of Kuwaiti youths who own projects to be present at this event and distribute coffee and juices to the public and the players, adding a livelier atmosphere to the event. He said that KFH ‘Padel’ championship has discovered unique Kuwaiti youth skills with significant sporting interests.

Meanwhile, the distinguished squash and tennis player and professor of economy at Kuwait University Dr Emad Dashti expressed his utmost pleasure about the championship and indicated that KFH has expressed its great interest in the game by holding the ‘Padel’ championship. He added that the championship is a great opportunity for the youth to diversify their sporting interests and show their capabilities in this new sport in Kuwait.

He added that the great success and the remarkable competition spirit which the championship has witnessed and the significant performance by the contestants are considered as conclusive evidence on the promising future of this sport in Kuwait. He affirmed that this championship and future ‘Padel’ championships shall contribute to the launch of the ‘Padel’ players classification project based on their technical level in Kuwait and assist in establishing a formal ‘Padel’ team. It is highly important to give KFH all the support to continue this championship which will surely gain more success in the next version.

The ‘Padel’ championship connects between two games, Squash and Tennis. However, it is essentially different regarding the rules and playing style. The game requires high physical flexibility and stamina using hard rackets on a small piece of land which is smaller than the tennis playground in size. No specific age category is required for this game. In short, the ‘Padel’ game is a sport for all people and all ages.



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