Good Samaritan has car stolen; ‘Expat wife robbed by hubby’

KUWAIT: Two people who pretended that their car broke down stole the car of a good Samaritan who stopped to help them. The citizen was heading back to his flat at dawn when he noticed the two next a car in Ishbiliya area between blocks 2 and 3. The man stopped to ask if they needed help, they told him their car broke down so he got out of his car to help. Then one of the two pushed him to the ground, they both jumped into his car and drove off. The man called a friend who came and followed him with the other car to the police station. Hawally detectives are working on the case.

Expat wife robbed by hubby
An expat accused her husband of transferring KD 2,750 from her account to his through the internet according to a complaint she filed at Salmiya police station. The man was charged with forgery in a bank document, and Hawally detectives were asked to arrest him.

Convict arrested
A deputy prosecutor ordered the arrest of an ex-convict for attacking and beating a policeman at a police station. The policeman sustained a head wound, and his uniform was torn inside Nugra police station. The policeman was on duty at 5am when the culprit entered and all of a sudden began beating the officer. The injured policeman was taken to Mubarak Hospital. The suspect was arrested and is being processed for further legal action.

Nursery robbed
Thieves broke into a children’s nursery in Shuhada and stole computers and damaged other material inside the preschool. The nursery manager filed a complaint at Zahra police station. Hawally detectives are dealing with the case.

Ethiopian mugged
Three men mugged an Ethiopian woman of KD 100 and a smart phone in Mahboula area, the culprits escaped, and she was not able to get the 4WD vehicle plate number. The victim told Abu Halaifa police that three persons in a 4WD stopped next to her then took the money and phone. Detectives are working on the case.

Finance attempts suicide
A drunk citizen threw himself out of his Iranian fiancés window, and was rushed to Mubarak Hospital. The Iranian told police about her fiancés suicide attempt. So police rushed to the site and found him in a pool of blood. Paramedics rushed him to hospital under heavy guard. The Iranian said the citizen broke into her flat, drunk, then jumped out of the window. He was charged with attempted suicide and drunkenness by Salwa police. – Alrai

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