Walid Al-Dhahi

By Abdellatif Sharaa

KUWAIT: The news in US media about the withdrawal of Glucophage medicine manufactured by five US companies  does not apply to Glucophage available in Kuwait, a Kuwaiti doctor said, noting that Kuwait does not import the medicine produced by said US companies.

“The Glucophage available in Kuwait is safe and manufactured by the medicine’s main producer under the name Glucophage and Glucophage XR”, said Endocrinologist Walid Al-Dhahi, President of the Kuwait Diabetes Society, Head of the Diabetes Unit at Mubarak Hospital and Director of the Endocrinology Program. “Its active ingredient is original and its sources are France and Spain. There is no proof that this ingredient contains any material that may endanger human life.”

Dhahi added the news in the US media are related to N–nitrosodimethylamine, which is known to be a carcinogen in large quantities during laboratory trials on animals. He said this substance is found in very small quantities that do not constitute any danger in many things around us such water and food including meat, dairy products, vegetables and manufactured products including medicines. He said the American Food and Drug Association (FDA) said the allowed daily quantity is 96 nano grams.

Dhahi said the US FDA and European Drugs Agency said it is important for the patient not to stop taking the medicine because the benefits overweight harms, adding  that Glucophage is available since the 1950s and has many benefits for the body.

Meanwhile head of Endocrinology unit at Jahra Hospital Dr Sameer Al-Shimmari said patients of diabetes, blood pressure and other chronic diseases are more  prone to COVID-19 disease than others. He said in a press release that  COVID-19 is more dangerous to those suffering from other chronic diseases,  pregnant women and the elderly  who suffer from weak immunity.