Girl charged with forgery after ‘sneaking’ out of Kuwait

KUWAIT: A girl left Kuwait three months ago and flew to the US. An absconding complaint about her was filed at Jahra police station, and police were busy searching for her. Then the girl arrived all of a sudden at Kuwait airport via Dubai, and handed her papers to the passport officer, who discovered she was reported missing, and wondered why her exit was not documented. When he asked her, she said she had left through the airport after deceiving the passport officers, and went through without anyone noticing. She was charged with forgery and sent to the prosecution.

Stepfather questioned
A 20-year-old girl told police her stepfather is very inquisitive and interferes in all her affairs, and wants to know when she goes and when she will return. Lately, she started rejecting his “interference”, so he locked her up and prevented her from leaving, and threatened to harm her if she violates his rules. The girl lodged a complaint, so he was summoned and questioned. He did not deny the charges, but said she is not respecting him, and he is responsible for her because she lives in his house. Investigations are underway.

An Egyptian man took advantage of a Bangladeshi worker’s ignorance after she asked him to withdraw KD 30, keeping KD 200 for himself and escaping. An employee at a service center gave the Bangladeshi her ATM and asked her to withdraw KD 30, who then asked an Egyptian to withdraw the money for her. He did so, but the citizen received a message about withdrawal of KD 230, and became angry when the worker told her about the Egyptian. The citizen and the worker went to Khaitan police station and told them what happened. Detectives are working on the case.

Drug dealer arrested
Hawally police arrested an Indian man trading in heroin and liquor, and sent him to DCGD. The Indian was stopped in Hawally, and seemed to be nervous, so he was searched. Police found 12 heroin envelopes, five locally made liquor bottles and two imported liquor bottles. He was sent to the Drugs Control General Department. Meanwhile, Nuwaiseeb police arrested a citizen with hashish and drug paraphernalia. The source said he and the drugs were sent to concerned authorities.

Lawbreakers detained
Twelve domestic helpers changed their jobs and started nursing and hairdressing jobs in Sea Shaab, until they were arrested in violation of the residency law. Some of them had absconding complaints against them. The 12 were found working as nurses in medical clinics and as hairdressers in beauty salons, through their residencies are of “domestic help”. The arrested are Indians and Filipinas and were sent to concerned authorities.

Thief caught
Capital Security Director Col Nasser Al-Adwani sent a bedoon to criminal detectives to close the files of robbery and impersonating police that were registered against unidentified persons. The suspect was caught while impersonating a policeman with an ID the suspect used to commit his crimes. The ID was a card he used for treatment at the military hospital.

Drug possession
A person started running when he saw a police patrol in Salmiya, prompting policemen to chase and stop him. When asked, he was found to be an Egyptian and couldn’t explain why he fled. Police searched him and found pills he claimed to be medicine. The pills were found to be illicit drugs and he was sent to the DCGD.

Illegal operations
A security source said Maj Gen Sheikh Mazen Al-Jarrah sent employees at the residency affairs department for investigation after discovering violations in issuing entry visas for Bangladeshi domestic helpers who do not meet the conditions. The source said the number of Bangladeshi workers who received entry visas since the “one Bangladeshi per citizen” decision came into effect is over 16,400 during a short period. He said there are 850 absconding complaints against Bangladeshis holding article 20 visas who entered the country lately.

Police in Saad Al-Abdullah went on alert after a call about the kidnapping of a juvenile, and despite the mystery that shrouded the call, it was considered serious and forced detectives to act. The call said that a 16-year-old boy was kidnapped by unidentified persons in two vehicles, so policemen went to the scene and did not find anything. Police called the person who had called, so he provided them with the license plate numbers, adding the boy was bundled in a vehicle before escaping. – Al-Rai, Al-Anbaa

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