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Getting ready for camping season

Closed in 2020, desert camping will be allowed this year

Tent makers and sellers ready for the upcoming camping season at the tent souq in Alrai near the Friday market. Desert camping is an elaborate affair in Kuwait with families often camping in groups, setting up several tents on a compound including tents for cooking and bathing/showering as well as playgrounds, relaxation and other necessities. – Photos by Fouad Al-Shaikh and Yasser Al-Zayyat

By Nawara Fattahova

The camping season starts in a month’s time, but registrations for setting up camp have not opened yet. In August, the Municipality announced that this year, the camping season will start from Nov 15. After the season was canceled last year due to the coronavirus pandemic, the announcement led people to start buying camping equipment.

So far, no circular has been issued on the conditions for the new camping season or when registrations will commence. In previous years, campers were required to pay a deposit for a designated spot in the desert and to clean up the camping area, including all trash, equipment and other material when quitting the camping ground.

Municipality inspectors visit camping sites throughout the season, confirming registration permits and ensuring that camps adhere to regulations for safety and waste removal. A few years ago, after noticing the great damage to the desert environment and the negative effects on wildlife caused by camping due to the waste left over by campers, the government decided to organize the season by designating certain areas for camping.

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