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Getting to know Mesayel – Quiet, friendly neighborhood still under development


As part of our occasional series exploring various areas of Kuwait, Kuwait Times visited Mesayel to discover the main features of this area.

Mesayel is a new area which is still under construction. It is a residential area and part of the Mubarak Al-Kabeer governorate. It is called Mesayel (which means water stream), because the area collects a large amount of rainwater in winter. The area used to be a cattle farm and part of Messila. Now it is a modern locality consisting of five residential blocks.

“Although it is a new area, you will feel comfortable here, because it is not busy with schools and restaurants like other areas,” said Abu Abdullah, who rents a house in Mesayel and is satisfied with the location.

Some residents, however, aren’t so happy and offer a litany of complaints. Ali Yaqoub said Mesayel’s cemetery has become a garbage dump, “Because of the construction, the cemetery has become a dump for construction waste and unwanted materials,” he said. He added the area is overrun with construction workers, who walk around residential buildings during late hours and at dawn, even during holidays.

Umm Fahd agreed with Yaqoub, telling Kuwait Times that the area does not have any services or facilities such as cooperative societies, restaurants or schools. “We only have a health center that opened in November,” she said.

For Meshaal Al-Musawi, Mesayel was not his dream area when he bought his house. “My house was supposed to be in Messila, but the rich residents of Messila changed the name of this area to prevent middle-class Kuwaitis sharing the area with them. This is not fair! I purchased this land at a high price because it was in Messila and not Mesayel!” he thundered.

By Faten Omar

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