We do not have a cure at present, but you can protect yourself with your behavior - this is what healthcare professionals are saying to minimize the chances of people being infected with the coronavirus.
Every time an official comes on TV for a briefing on the pandemic situation, they start and end with the advice to “stay home”. Fortunately, a majority of people are following the necessary procedures in public places, particularly in hospitals, clinics and cooperatives, and other places where people may be present.
Yet, I noticed in the past two days one thing that is really very alarming and scary. People in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh learned that free meals are being distributed, so many residents there rushed to the trucks in massive numbers, and although they stood in line, they were standing very close to each other without gloves, masks or any form of protective gear.
Then hours later, we heard about cases being discovered in areas where certain communities live, followed by instructions that co-operatives must seek the help of volunteers to help bag groceries and send their regular baggers home, as buildings have been isolated because some cases were discovered in them.
I believe that all this has to do with awareness, as many of these communities rely on hearsay more than anything else, even if they have smartphones and receive messages, instructions and advice. Yet they follow the word of a friend or a close person.
I applaud the Kuwaiti government’s efforts that did control the spread of the virus in the country, and these efforts must not be squandered because the message did not reach certain places in time or correctly.
There are many organized volunteers who belong to teams that can be sent to areas such as Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh to spread the word and educate people on the proper preventative measures firsthand for the sake of the health of all of us.
On a totally different subject, and as we are following instructions, I was reading the rules and instructions for employees in various companies, and found a headline saying:
Ten crazy rules flight attendants have to follow on the plane:-
1- No alcohol during and after the shift.
2- Must cover their acne.
3- Hide tattoos.
4- Standing with their hands in their pockets is not allowed.
5- They cannot ask for help when lifting heavy objects.
6- They are not always allowed to use the on-board medical kit.
7- They cannot always accept tips from passengers.
8- They are not allowed to tie their sweaters around their waists.
9- They have to freshen their makeup but in private.
10- Hair must be perfect.
Final word: My dear friends, we are all asked to do one thing: Stay home please!
Do not count the days, make the days count. - Anon